ADE7758 xWATTHR Measurement:

Hello All,

I have communicated with ADE7758 with my Host MCU.

SPI Works fine and to Read/Write Default Values. From HOST ADE7758 to Host MCU.

I am giving 0 to +/- 500mV to Voltage  and 0 to  +/- 500mV to Current channel(s)

And able to read xVRMS and xIRMS resgiter.

I have able to read xWATTHR with

1) LCYCMODE Register  , RSTREAD =1 Default Mode

2) LCYCMODE Register  , RSTREAD =0, LWATT = 1 and LINECYC  = 0x10.

But I am unable to understand ..

1)How to Convert xWATTHR in to real Watt. With Line Accumulation or With RSTREAD in Default.

2) Or If suppose, AVRMS = 0x1243412 and AIRMS = 0xCBCD12. What should be in AWATTHR Register.



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