Power up procedure for ADE7878A


I'm currently using AD7878A with atmel microcontroller. communication between the two is through SPI (isolated using isolators) and power domain of ADE7878A and Microcontroller is different. In datasheet it has written that

"it is necessary to set the PM1 pin to Logic 0 either through a microcontroller or by grounding the PM1 pin externally, before powering up the chip. The PM0 pin can remain open as it is held high, due to the internal pull-up resistor. This ensures that ADE7854A/ADE7858A/ADE7868A/ADE7878A always power up in PSM0 (normal) mode."

Question that i have here is how can i put PM1 pin to Logic high before powering the chip using microcontroller. because when i switch on , SMPS will power up both the domains at the same time and the moment i set MCU GPIO pin to 0, the ADE7878A will already powered up.