Energy Meter IC to measure single phase parameters in a 3P3W system

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I am planning to use ADE 7753 single phase energy meter in my design. The application would be to measure the voltage between the two phases between ƟA and ƟB (Line voltage) for a 3 phase motor (delta connected). Rogowski coil would be used to measure the current in the ƟA. please confirm that the ADE 7753 single phase device can actually be used to measure and calculate energy of one phases on a 3 phase motor with delta power connections? The voltage measurement needs to be across one of the motor phases. There is no neutral.  


Simply put, i have to measure the single phase line voltage (Vab) and single phase current in a 3 phase 3 wire system with no neutral. 

Please suggest if ADE7753 or any other energy meter IC would be suitable for the above application

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 2, 2017 7:00 PM

    Hi Transflow,

    Yes. It is possible to use three single phase ICs for a three-phase application. Single-phase ADE ICs are designed and tested for single-phase applications only. However, if you do need to use three such ICs for a three-phase application, then note that to read the phase angle between different phases you will have to measure the time difference between zero-crossings. If more sophisticated power quality information is required, it is recommended to use a three-phase ADE IC. Also, make sure to provide proper isolation between channels, for example, by using current transformers as current sensors. Yes, you can measure a single line using an ADE7753 (phase voltage, phase current and energy of that specific line. However, for total calculation, you will encounter some difficulties on your measurements.You need to follow the following configuration.

    You can click on the link to choose an ADE chip for polyphase.

    Energy Metering ICs | Analog Devices 

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks Aaron. 

    The idea is to use a ADE7753 and measure all the energy parameters of a single phase (line voltage,  current,  pf, kw, kwh etc) and based on the sensed values of the single phase,  we will emulate the values of other two phases given to the motor in our software.  I know it's would not be an accurate value,  but we are OK with some difference. 

    I hope ADE 7753 serves the purpose here. 


  • Hi TransFlow, 

    Have you tried using ADE7753 for single pahse measurments. ??

    Please let me know?