ADE9000 Current Reading Problem

We have a new design using the ADE9000 that is based on the eval board. We can read voltage and current but we have a strange situation with reading current channels. We are connecting the same single phase voltage and current sources to each channel for testing and calibration. Voltages are connected in wye configuration with A,B, and C connect to voltage sources and neutral connected to ground. Voltages work fine. For current, if we have connections to IA, IB, IC, and IN, then channel B reads 0. If we disconnect channel A, then B reads correctly. We can't understand what is happening. We have traced and verified continuity and checked for shorts on the board and the connections.

For configuration, we are only changing two registers: VLEVEL and ACCMODE to allow for 120V and 60Hz respectively. All other registers are using the defaults. Our current setup is testing a load of 0.5 Amps, but we can adjust as necessary. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? Any help or thoughts for troubleshooting are greatly appreciated.