LTC3108 vs BQ25570 (from TI)


I have made a board using a BQ25570 (from texas instrument) able to harvest solar energy from a solar panel (0.42W-3V) and to recharge two 35F suparcap and then providing 3.3V to my main board that can send radio frames over sigfox network. This supply board is supposed to work as an uninterruptible power source but i'm facing to many issues with this IC. Indeed, some of them are working fine whereas i have other boards where the output voltage droops when it is in charging mode, that makes my CPU to reset.

So, i'm considering to use another IC : the LTC3108. Do you think it can fit my need knowing that when i want to send a radio frame, the main board can pull up to 60mA ? And i still want to recharge two super capacitors. The LTC3108 can work as an uninterruptible power source ? 

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