ADE7868 total harmonic distortion

Hi everybody,

We´re moving from ADE7753 to ADE7868A in our energy meter design as we needed to measure total harmonic distortion. In the product selector, the ADE7868A states it measures total harmonic distortion, but in the user manual I can´t see a register where THD can be read, or an explanation of the harmonic distortion calculation.

Is anything missing in the user manual (registers for THD in the list of registers, explanations of the calculations...), or the product selector search is faulty? Or is the user supposed to calculate THD from fundamental and total RMS, powers and so on?


  • Hi csn,

       Yes you are right, there is no THD measurement available on ADE7868A and the website selector table needs to be updated. We recommend you to take a look at ADE9000, which is a highly accurate, fully integrated, multiphase energy and power quality monitoring device. Sorry for the mistake on the website, thank you very much for telling us about it.

    Best regards,