Clarifications regarding ADP 5091 eval board usage

Dear sir,


I am using ADP 5091 eval board to manage the output power of solar cell, ( which is a preliminary experiment i am doing to get proficient with the board and use it for my research to manage pulsed energy harvesters).


While using the board, we faced some challenges, which we want your help on.


  1. Board efficiency


     for measuring the operating efficiency of the board, we followed the protocols as described in user guide. the reported graphs in data sheet indicate it to be at 80% and above, while we obtained 35% efficiency.


  1. Regulated output voltage programming ('Reg_out')


   The data sheet indicates that the board reg_out voltage can be programmed by placing a resistor at VID pin thru GND. But, when we placed the resistor, we did not observe any changes in the output voltage. 


  1. Missing terminals


    the data sheet indicates that we can program the threshold voltages by adjusting the resistor values. But we are not able to change it, as some of the pins like MINOP, AGND do not have any terminals attached, which makes it difficult to tune the board. 


I have attached a detailed schematic of our connections, voltage values at various pins for your reference.


If we have missed or made any errors in connections, kindly let us know on how to reach the reported values and help us in operating the board efficiently.


Hoping to hear from you soon.



Sagar H P


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