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Accumulating energy in all 4 Quadrants using ADE7878


We are working on a new energy meter project for commercial and industrial use, which requires the measurement and recording of both positive and negative (Import and Export) value of Active, Reactive and Apparent power.

To achieve this, every accumulation cycle, we need to read the energy from the AFE, then if the sign is positive, we add it to Import Energy register in the MCU, and if it is negative, we add it to the export active energy in the MCU.

First we implemented accumulation of absolute active energy only by reading the AWATTHR, BWATTHR and CWATTHR register every second and adding up the absolute value inside the MCU.

To get positive and negative values of Active, Reactive and Apparent power, i feel this method will not work.

My understanding is that if i wait 1 second for energy to be accumulated in AWATTHR, during that time frame, the sign of active power could change from positive to negative, and this will affect the value is AWATTHR which will increament while the energy is positive, and decreament when it is negative. Please correct me if i am wrong

But basically i want to understand how best to achieve this using the ADE7878.