Source for recommended crystal for ADE7816?

I am designing a board using the ADE7816 IC, and want to just copy the EVAL board schematics except for the microcontroller. The crystal recommended for the ADE7816 in the datasheet, and used in the EVAL board, is VM6-1D11C12-TR-16.384MHZ. When I google this part number, I get several resellers I've never heard of - and they are all out of stock. They identify it as a CTS-Valpey part number, but CTS's web site does not list a VM6 series at all. And the specifications on this part (20 ohm ESR and 1mW maximum drive level) seem to be quite unusual for a crystal in this frequency range. 

Do you have a source for this crystal, or an alternate part number?

I did find an old post where someone substituted a TXC 7B16.384MAAJ-T crystal (40 ohm ESR, 100uW drive level) for the VM6 part in an ADE7880 board and eventually got it working. Would this work for the ADE7816?