ADE9000 - Streaming Waveform Buffer


I have purchased one of the ADE9000 evaluation boards and would like to confirm a capability. I understand from the technical guide that I can access the waveform buffers. My goal is to get as close to streaming that waveform data as possible so we can do off-board analysis of the samples in as-close-to real time as possible. I see that the event address can be stored based on a trigger but my questions are:

  1. Is the "event address" basically a way to mark a point in time from an MCU so that read data can be then correlated to this known time index?
  2. Is the capture rate of this data constant or waveform frequency dependent?
  3. In order to approximate a stream of live data, I'll need to access the buffer frequently - presumably before it fills or another trigger can be fired - but am I am to (a) trigger from MCU to store event-time, (b) access buffer data while new data is still being added to the buffer, (c) rinse and repeat forever?
  4. If this kind of data streaming is outside of what this chip can do - would you recommend another chip that can do this?

Thanks for your help!