Trying to get ADE9153 designed in with one of our customer. This is for automotive charger. Please see below for details.


Background for their charger:

They can do L1 (120 VAC @ 16A @ 60Hz, L1, N, PE) and or L2 (240 VAC @40A @ 60Hz, L1, L2, PE)


Please see questions regarding ADE9153:


Seems that only EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ demo board available and I already requested one for them.


  1. In the User guide of the eval baord, on page 7, they show single phase connection. Would this work with split phase configuration? Meaning is the below understand true:

L-In (J2) ==> would be L1 (hot)

L-Out (J3) ==> would be L2 (hot)

N (J7) ==> would be PE


  1. How is VAN and VAP read voltage when it is connected to neutral? How does that apply to split phase. I am trying to understand as far as wiring for split phase L2.


  1. Does the code available for Arduino, does it read voltage, current, provide power (kwh) via SPI? We use SPI currently with energy meter to communicate and need that information, so just checking if C/C++ code is available.





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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 23, 2020 6:51 PM

    Hi Zafar,

    Let me start off with a bit of an overview about the ADE9153A, the way it can be seen is as a device that can measure 2 currents and 1 voltage but only gives power information from 1 current channel together with the voltage channel. The current is measured with a shunt in series with the load, this means either L1 or L2 coming in on J2 and that same line going out on J3 to the load. Then J7 measures the point after the load which is typically the Neutral line.

    In a split phase system this means that only one of the measurements you describe can be done.

    A single 9153A can perform one of the following 2 measurements but not both at the same time.

    1. 120 VAC @ 16A @ 60Hz, L1, N, PE
      1. L1 to J2, L1 to load to J3, and Neutral to J7
      2. This gives you the energy on that one leg, L1 to Neutral
    2. 240 VAC @40A @ 60Hz, L1, L2, PE
      1. If in this the load is only connected between L1 and L2 then with the following connection, the load L1 to L2 can be measured.
      2. L1 to J2, L1 to load to J3, and L2 to J7

    J2 and J3 are shorted together through the shunt resistor so you do not want to connect the 2 lines across that.

    VAP-VAN is connected to a voltage divider which goes between J2 and J7 to measure the voltage.

    The Arduino code for the ADE9153A shield board uses SPI, see the 9153A library and example code on GitHub,

    The ADE9153A will work fine for measuring a single phase type configuration whether its L1 to N or L1 to L2. If you need a configuration more specific to split phase then I would recommend one of our 3phase parts (ADE9078 and ADE9000 for example) to measure each leg of the split phase individually.