ADE9000 GND issue

HI team, 

need urgent support for questions below. 

I'm evaluating EVAL-ADE9000 now.

Regarding the EVAL-ADE9000EBZ schematic, the AC neutral is connected to AGND, which this AGND is directly connected to ADE9000 GND pin.


1st question would like to double confirm with you when we measure the AC voltage source, the AC Line is connect to VAP_IN and AC Neutral is connect to AGND?? 

As we know, the digital signal for ADE9000 is using the AGND as return path, it is the AC neutral will affect the digital function?

2nd question, our design is the using ARMs through by SPI communication to ADE9000 without using the digital isolated chip(ADUM3150ARSZ), it is got any issue?


3rd question, AC neutral, AGND and DGND connect together, it is our ARMs chip, ADE9000 or DC power regulator circuit can be damaged? or any abnormal situation will happen?