Can't find Comm Port on ADE7953 Evaluation Software


I have an ADE7953 EVAL Z (rev C), and I followed all the steps for the installation with revH, but I can't connect to the Comm Port with the Evaluation Software. I followed all the steps for troobleshooting too, on the Device Manager i see the ADE Interface Board, and it says that the device is working properly. I tested it on a Windows XP VM, then a computer with Windows XP, and finally with a windows 10 in a VM with the driver attached on this topic, as this person seemed to have the same problem and solved it with this :

But Even this would'nt work, always the same error, have to set it manually, then no options in the drop-down table "Port control manual". And even if I'm writting COM3 in it directly (I've seen it's this port in the Device Manager), can't do nothing even a simple reset, and all other thing such as "Active Energy", I got this message "The evaluation board did not respond. The COM port must be reset". Even following this doesn't change anything.

I haven't seen anything on this subject that could help me, and I have no any clu of what to do.

Thanks in advance.