ADE7953 hardware issues


This is my first design using the ADE7953 and I have some issues about the hardware.
The schematics is attached for your reference.

My design:

a) The input voltage range measurement is from 180Vrms to 250Vrms;

b) The input current range measurement is from 0.1Arms to 5Arms;

c) The sensor type is a shunt resistor with 20mohms/2W;

My questions:

1- According to current/voltage range, the shunt resistor value is correct to achieve 0.5% accuracy?

2- I don't use the IBP and IBN inputs, so they may be left unconnected?

3- How my shunt is connected from load(CARGA) to ground reference(GND), it is necessary to use R6 and C9 to IAN input?

4- Above question is also for VN input, it is necessary to use R12 and C11?

5- I have included J2 for calibration purpose, it is enough or I need more signals?

6- Concerning to EMC testing, there is any precation in schematics and layout?

I am looking forward to yours feedbacks. Thank you.

Best regards,
Jair S.