AI_SWAP bit in ADE9153A

In the application note for ADE9153A, it is written that-
"The IAP terminal of the shunt is the positive differential terminal of the current channel and the IAN terminal of the shunt is the negative differential terminal of the current channel. Whenever, for design reasons, the signal of the current channel is more easily routed through the IAN pin, the background current to the shunt is reversed and the AI_SWAP bit in the AI_PGAGAIN register must be set to 0x0."

In my board design,the signal on IAN pin and i performed both the test cases-
A) without interchanging the AI_SWAP bit-> #define ADE9153A_AI_PGAGAIN 0x000A
B) After interchanging the AI_SWPA bit-> #define ADE9153A_AI_PGAGAIN 0x001A

I am getting the positive value for Active power by just only performing the Autocalibration,it doesn't matter whether i have changed the AI_SWAP bit or not.Can anyone explain why active power is showing positive value in both the cases(After changing of AI_SWPA bit and without interchanging the bit) ?
I have attached the screenshot of the result which i got before and after changing the AI_SWAP bit(Image- 0x000A-part1 and 0x001A-part1) to support my question.


ADE9153A instead of ADE9253A
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