ADE7880 ,relation between the minimum current and the resistance ,voltage accuracy

 The experts:

   Ade7880 is not calibrated. 

    1. Input 230V voltage to ADE7880, Input 1A Current to ADE7880;  I got the data from the ADE7880,the Voltage is 234V,the Current is 1A, Please tell me ,is this currect ? thanks.

    2. current channel(IAP,IBP,iCP) of ADE7880,connected to current transformer(1:3000);when the resistance of IAP,IAN selected 7.5R*2,ade7880 can identify the input current of 90ma;

    however!!  when the resistance of IAN,IAP selected 2.2R*2,ade7880 can not identify the input current of 90MA, please tell me why?  i wound like to  know that the relationship between the minimum input  current and resistance.

    Thank you for your help