ADE7816 hardware reset


I'm having trouble correctly resetting an ADE7816. I have two different scenarios:

1. When power is plugged, there is no problem, I successfully communicates with it (I2C) after the reset procedure.

2. However, when I reset my MCU (without removing power), the reset procedure does not seem to have an effect on the ADE7816.

Here is what I do whenever I try to initialize the ADE7816:

  • Clear the RESET pin for at least 10ms
  • Set the RESET pin

At this point, from my understanding, I should wait for IRQ1 to fall which would signal me that ADE7816 is ready for communication.

In the case 1., I can see the IRQ1 going high then low and everything is fine after that.

But in case 2., the IRQ1 stays low and ADE7816 does not engage in I2C communication.

Can anyone help me ?

I 'm not sure what specific information I should provide, so please do not hesitate if you need any.

Thank you.

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