ADE7753 output corrupted data when inductive load unpluged

I made a power meter with ade7753 and everything woeks well. Circuit has been attached. Power supply is isolated as you see on circuit diagram

My problem:

When I measuring an inductive load (like a motor,fan) and when I unplugged the load the data has been crashed and I after the IC has been reset by software everything goes well again. How can I solve this problem?

My assumptions and some tries:

  1. I know the problem is related to EFT noise that generated by intruppting inductive current. but I dont know how can I suprress this noise.
  2. I dont know that the noise spread to analog inputs of IC or spread on my analog ground?!
  3. I use 4 ferrite beads(100ohm @100mhz) on 4 legs of analog inputs between input filters of the ic and point of signal samples. But nothing changed
  4. I should make a filter to suppress the noise but how? With MOVs? With type x capacitors?...
  5. There is no help in datasheet or evaluation documents...

IF you face with this issue please help me....