ADE7880-HREADY signal


I use ADE7880.  On my design, i need to monitor harmonics. Datasheet suggested using HREADY signal. As i understand in datasheet, the signal is normally on high, when registers uptade, the signals turn low during 10us, after that turn high again. But, i examine to the signal reversed. Normally low, when registers update, it turn high during 10usec. 

I added my scope image. I measure signal direct output of ade7880, there is nothing between probe and ade7880.

I try all options about HCONFIG register. CF2DIS bit in CONFIG register is 1. 

I hope that i misunderstand HREADY polarity :)

In datasheet Rev C, page 66,

"The default state of this signal is high. Every time the harmonic registers are updated based on HRATE bits in HCONFIG register, the signal HREADY goes low for approx-imately 10 μs and then goes back high."

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