ADE9153A PCB Layout Issue


I made a PCB board based on the EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ. The voltage channel works fine. However the I-channel does not work as expected.

The software was tested on EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ and works fine on both I and V channel. Since the I and V channel of my board is basically copied from the shield board, we can eliminate software bugs or wrong register settings at the moment.

On my board, after calibration, the calculated MS_ACAL_AICC value was around 40,000. This value was far away from the expecting value. (around 838 for 1mohm shunt with 16x gain).

I swapped the IC and the shunt between my board and the shield board. The shield board works fine and our board still have the same problem. So the IC and the shunt are not the root cause. I also replaced the R and C around the I channel. No improvement whatsoever.

I guess the problem should be related to the PCB layout. But I don't know which part went wrong.

Below is part of our PCB. The trace width of the IAMS is 1.5mm as recommended. It is actually wider than that on the shield board.

I would be appreciated if anyone can give me some advise.

By the way, does PCB material or copper thickness matter?

Thanks for help


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