Communication problem between ADE 9153A and ESP 8266


I am working on ADE-9153A dev board.

I have successfully measured all parameters using Arduino. I have used same code  which is provided by you ( with ADE 9153 lib).

As per your reference manual, we can also use ESP8266 (NODEMCU) board for same purpose.

I have used same Arduino IDE (with ESP8266 board added into board manager).

I populated resistor as per your indication in documentation to make SPI connection , also disconnect 5V SPI jumper. I also changed CS pin as per in program (for ESP) ,But when used Same ADE DEV Board with NODEMCU , There are lots of problems. 

- First I faced WDT -Watch Dog Timer error, but finaally I fix it

- But My NODEMCU not communicate with ADE on SPI bus , any other changes require for it ???

I want to use NODEMCU 1.0 with ADE 9153A ?

What are the changes require in Code as well in hardware level ?

Pin you indicated in manual is for HSPI not for SPI, Is it valid ?

Any extra library require ?

Please reply as soon as possible.

If you have any reference design with NODEMCU and ADE 9153A then please also provide it (with code & library).

Require detail explanation....


Jaydeep shah

Ahmedabad -India