Communication problem between ADE 9153A and ESP 8266


I am working on ADE-9153A dev board.

I have successfully measured all parameters using Arduino. I have used same code  which is provided by you ( with ADE 9153 lib).

As per your reference manual, we can also use ESP8266 (NODEMCU) board for same purpose.

I have used same Arduino IDE (with ESP8266 board added into board manager).

I populated resistor as per your indication in documentation to make SPI connection , also disconnect 5V SPI jumper. I also changed CS pin as per in program (for ESP) ,But when used Same ADE DEV Board with NODEMCU , There are lots of problems. 

- First I faced WDT -Watch Dog Timer error, but finaally I fix it

- But My NODEMCU not communicate with ADE on SPI bus , any other changes require for it ???

I want to use NODEMCU 1.0 with ADE 9153A ?

What are the changes require in Code as well in hardware level ?

Pin you indicated in manual is for HSPI not for SPI, Is it valid ?

Any extra library require ?

Please reply as soon as possible.

If you have any reference design with NODEMCU and ADE 9153A then please also provide it (with code & library).

Require detail explanation....


Jaydeep shah

Ahmedabad -India

  • The EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ was tested with an ESP8266 board with the same library and example code. Let's verify that everything was correctly set on the hardware and software.

    1. Hardware (Sounds like you already made these changes)
      1. Move 0 Ohm from R6 to R5 (to switch from 5V to 3V3)
      2. Populate R49, R14, R68, R51, R67
    2. Software
      1. The CS_PIN variable needs to be redefined for pin 15 instead of 8 as is commented in the example
      2. Be sure the ESP8266 board you are using is setup correctly in the IDE

    There should be no further steps, at this point communication should be working.