ADE7953 Voltage Channel

 Hi all;

Acording to various post on the forum to prevent that the phase and neutral channel inputs get switched around we should do a voltage divider on VP(phase) and VN (Neutral) similar to the on on the schematic.

If we were to use a single-ended configuration then the neutral line would be directly connected to GND, when in differential mode how should we connect GND.

Another question is related to DGND e AGND:

In AN-639 says "All the other circuitry, such as current sensor circuit, ........must be grounded to the digital plane of the system.", however doesnt this introduce alot of noise in our signal conditioning.The majority of projects with this IC connects the corrent reading to AGND.

If possible could you give your opinion on the prototype PCB that we design,more expecifialy the AGND and DGND planes and the schematic on the pdf file

Thank you in Advance ,