ADE7753 IRQ and datasheet problem

Hi dear.

I have 2 problem with ade7753.

1- in ade7753 datasheet rev.c : page 21 figure 45 and 46 

In this figures said for reading status register with reset we must use 0x05 command. But RSTSTATUS address is 0x0C as the datasheet said. Wich one is correct?

2- I want to use IRQ for reading values synhcronised by zerro crossing. I set corresponding bit in intrrupt enable register and do all thing looklike flowchart on figure 86 of datasheet. But no intrrupt is produced. I follow signal on IRQ pin by scope and saw that the pin is always low after power-on or reseting and initializing and every poll reading of RSTSTATUS  has no effect on IRQ pin. Whats the problem?

I should say that i can read the IC in polling mode correctly(I mean checking zx bit in status register repeatly).Also I can detect zx in polling mode by reading RSTSTATUS repeatly. My problem is in intrrupt mode that mabe is related with my first question.

Thanks alot.