ADE7816 NC Pins


What is the recommendation for connecting the NC pins of the ADE7816?  In the datasheet (Rev A) the recommendation is to leave them floating, however recent posts referring to other energy metering chips suggest connecting them to GND, along with the EPAD.

What is the preferred approach? Thanks.



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  • Hi,

    Thanks you.  Just to clarify, you are recommending ALL NC pins connected to GND?  Per the current datasheet pins 33 and 34 state specifically NOT to tie them to GND.  Can you please clarify what the recommended practice is for these pins.

    Thanks.... Graeme


    1, 10, 11, 20,
    21, 30, 31, 40
    NC No Connect. These pins are not connected internally and should be left floating.

    33, 34 NC No Connect. These pins should be left floating. Do not connect to GND.