ADE9153A negative energy

Dear Sir / Madam,

We evaluated EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ with the following set up and result. However, we find the power and energy is displayed in negative value.

Energy data: -0.01 mWhr

RMS current: 0.07A

RMS Voltage: 235.29V

Active Power: -9.56W

Power Factor: -0.59

Might we know if any issue in our set up? Is our power input direction is not correct?

I check the following code:

ADE9153A_AI_PGAGAIN 0x000A         /*Signal on IAN, current channel gain

In evaluation board schematic, IAP connect to L-IN, instead of IAN. 

Will change the code - ADE9153A_AI_PGAGAIN 0x001A . Change the AI_SWAP bits resolve the issue?

Please kindly advise.