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ADE7878 angle reading issue


I have finished a program to read (and write) the registers of ADE7878.
So far, so good, I have done calibration and I have all my measurements working fine, except for the angle.

When I supply the IC with nominal phase and current, in phase (0°), the readings are oscillating. The raw register measurements vary between 0 and 5118 (Not different values, only these two and sometimes 5117). If I change angle values, there is no problem and I can have very accurate readings from 1-260°, or I can have values up to 358°, very accurate. But never when signals are in phase.

Any guess??

About my setup:

I'm using the demo board and a two channel arbitrary waveform generator
I have bypassed the filters and connecting the signals directly to the ADC inputs (TP1, TP2, TP12, TP9).

I'm using only phase A as a beginning, emulating a 50Hz network, with 230Vrms and 10Arms as nominal values.

Again, everything apart from Angle at 0° works fine.

Kind Regards