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I can not turn on ade7753

Hello, I am trying to make a meter, I read the datasheet, the publications of this forum, application notes and all the material I could find about this device. To start the tests I made the circuit they recommend in the datasheet, but when measuring the internal reference is zero. Another thing that caught my attention, is that I could measure continuity between AGND and DGND, but in theory they should not be connected, not internally. I have already bought two ADE7753 but with both I have found the same results. At this point I do not know what to do and I run out of ideas, I hope you can help me. The communication and calibration part I have already advanced, but I could not prove my code. Sorry for my English, I did not write it and I went to the translator to write this question.

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  • Thank you very much for responding, but I managed to identify the problem. I paid to solder the ADE7753 to a PCB but the solder was defective in the reset pin and the VCC pin. So very carefully and with my horrible soldering iron fix it. The measurement of continuity between AGND and DGND was my fault, because it was only a very low resistance. Again, excuse my English, I hope that what I wrote here is not crazy.

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