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ADE7912: maximum signal allowed at the VM input = 25mV



in Datasheet of the ADE7912 it is written that the maximum signal allowed at the VM input is ±25 mV. 

We did experiments with more than ±25 mV (up to 2V) on that pin and the ADE7912 is still working.

Why shouldn't we apply a higher voltage? We dindn't have a problem, so what will happen??

Has anyone an idea?

  • Hi, You should not work beyond the specified specification on the IC. The Absolute Maximum Rating of this IC is 2 Volts and this specifies that the stress on the IC has withstand this amount. This is not a functional limit that the IC should be operating. The 500 mV pseudo differential voltage between a VP and a VM (not 25 mV, the 25 mV is the allowable voltage at the VM pin as is) is the max limit you should use. This will interpret a full scale value. Operating beyond the maximum full scale will cause inaccuracy in the calculations of your metrology. Please use the IC as specified in the datasheet. Thank you very much.