ADE9000 Current reading strange behaviour

Hi team,

We are using ADE9000 on our product, we finalized our prototype and now we are doing some specific tests.


We have a new design using the ADE9000 that is based on the eval board. We can read voltage and current but we have a strange situation with reading current channels.


We are connecting a three-phase signal generator to voltage and current for testing and calibration.


Voltages are connected in 4-Wire Wye configuration with A, B, and C connect to voltage sources and neutral connected to ground. Voltages work fine.


If we have connected only one current channel the value read from ADE9000 matched with the value of the generator. E.g Only IA.


If we have connections in more than one current channel the values read from ADE9000 does not match with the generator.  E.g IA and IB.


We can’t understand what is happening. We noticed the same behaviour on the eval board.





Has anyone ever had something similar that might help to clarify?