what'is the consuption in current of ade9153a? 

can i use ADUM5000 dc dc isolator (3.3 to 3.3 isolated) to feed ade9153a and ADUM4152 (spi isolator)?

IOUT MAX =60mA  ADUM5000


  • Hi Belaj, 

    The quick answer is yes. The ADuM5000 can provide 60mA @ 3.3V isolated power. There are some other part and package options available depending on your application needs. So to say it with package and HV rating options, the ADuM5000/ADuM6000 can be used to supply power to the secondary side of the ADuM3152/ADuM4152.  

    There is also a new generation of isolated dc/dc converters. The ADuM5020/ADuM6020 are pin compatible with the ADuM5000 and are lower emissions. There is also the ADuM5028/ADuM6028 that will save some board space and meet the 60mA IOUT MAX application requirement.