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Consuption of ade9153A



what'is the consuption in current of ade9153a? 

can i use ADUM5000 dc dc isolator (3.3 to 3.3 isolated) to feed ade9153a and ADUM4152 (spi isolator)?

IOUT MAX =60mA  ADUM5000


  • The ADE9153A, when not running the mSure feature, has a typical consumption of 9.3mA and max consumption of 12mA. Then depending on what power mode the autocalibration feature is run in, there could be a peak consumption adder of 33mA. If the autocalibration feature is only run in Normal Mode then the peak consumption adder is only 19mA.

    If we take the max ADE9153A consumption with no autocalibration of 12mA and expect to use autocalibration in Turbo Mode with peak consumption of 33mA, then the total consumption for the ADE9153A which has to be planned for is 52mA. Then you have to take into account anything else in your system which will consume current.