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ADE7878 Interrupt on overcurrent

Hey EngineerZone

I am having trouble with the overcurrent interrupt function in the ADE7878

the ADE does not give an interrupt on overcurrent, and i cant figure out why. I suspect that there is a problem in the initialization of the registers, but i have tried multiple different ways and noone worked.

i would appreciate it if there is someone who could point me in some kind of direction, since im basically going in circles right now.

Relevant code :

Interrupt function :

ADE7878 Initialization

  • I am supplying the overcurrent with a pico oscilloscope

    and i am watching interrupt via a serial com port 

    Any help appreciated :D

  • I assume you are using our evaluation board, that you already check the STATUS1/PHSTATUS registers during the transation perios, and that you read the waveform register to check the accuracy of the data.

    Please note that the  absolute instantaneous value of the voltage should goes above the threshold from the OVLVL register.

    i have no information on your write_ADE7878() function but i suppose you should have Write_ADE(0, MASK1, 0x00, 0x04, 0x00, 0x00, 32) since you need to enable Bit18 (OV)