ADE9078 - first ADC values -


I have a problem with the first values of the Burts read Adress : 0x607.0x61C.

I wait until the ADE set the RSTDONE bit in STATUS1 and then I configure all register and starts the chip.

When I make the first burst read I get "crazy" values for all rms-values, for example AIRMS_1 = 0x7A4F780A.

The next access of the register is 0x00000000.

To fix the problem I have to know what happens inside the ADE and is only the first value wrong ?

I tried with different delays, 1second, 3 seconds, 10 seconds, after configuration and only 10 seconds solve the problem.

Can you help me ?

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  • Hi Bastler

    I need to know more about your setup . Are you using our eval board? What is your current sensor? If you are using a CT what is your burden? What is the voltage divider ration? Voltages and currents (220v,5A)

    What is your SPI CLK rate?

    Can you share your code? 

    How long between the run bit is set and you start the burst?

    What registers are you modifying after reset? What order do you write the registers?

    If you read the xRMS registers individually do you get the same issue? 0x20C,0x20D, 0x22C,0x22D,0x24C,0x24D