ADE7913 EVAL-Z + EVAL-SDP-CB1Z combo is not detected by the ADE7913_eval_software

Hello community!

I recently started to evaluating the use of the ADE7913 ADC for measuring current and voltage within the scope of a research project for the automotive industry.

I acquired a ADE7913 EVAL-Z + EVAL-SDP-CB1Z combo for this purpose. However, when I launch the ADE7913_eval_software I get an information that no board is connected. 

I started doing some diagnosis and these are my observations so far:

  1. If I plug the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z  alone to the USB, the board is correctly detected by Windows and I can see it in the device manager. 
  2. If I plug the ADE7913 EVAL-Z to the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z via SDP INTERFACE BOARD and connect them to the USB, the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z seems to start resetting. At least, when I check the device manager, I can see the board being detected and then disappearing successively. In this case, also, if I launch the ADE7913_eval_software I get an indication that no board was detected.

Regarding option 2, upon checking the input voltage for the regulator in the SDP INTERFACE BOARD I see a lot of variation every couple of seconds. It seems that the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z has not enough power to feed the setup.

Does anyone had a similar experience and provide feedback on how fixed the issue?