ADE7953 Evaluation Software Start-Up Error Win10

Greetings EngineerZone,

I am currently working with the ADE7953 Eval Kit for a project. This is my first time, so I am very new to this.

I've set up the evaluation software on a Win10 PC as described in the user guide. Device Manager correctly identifies COM5 as the ADE Board, see below:

However, when starting the software, I get this error message:

After clicking the OK button, the program seems to run fine for most of the time. I can open up any of the features, read and write registers. Only problem is the exit button. Clicking on it doesn't close the program but stops it's execution. After that, I am not able to open any of the features and I have to restart the program. Sometimes, this malfunction occurs after closing a feature window.

I would like to know, if someone else experiences this or at least what to do to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards