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I have problems with STATUS1 states.

Have applied voltage to VA, VB, VC and very small current to IA, IB, IC. They are all from one phase ( don't have 3ph ).At this point don't care because of MISMTCH and SEQRERR.

Have defined MMODE = 0x00, MASK1 = 0x00040000 ( OV only ).

With voltages and currents applied, got STATUS1 = 01A87E00 !! It should'nt be !!

When I change MASK1 to = 0x00170000, first reading of STATUS1 gives 0x03A87E00, following readings give 0x01A87E00 !! It should'nt be, as bits 31:25 are always zero !!

After each reading of the STATUS1 I wrote it back with the same value.

Is it possible that the chip is faulty ?

Readings of other registers are correct.

Please advise,

with regards, Branko

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