3-phase system measurement and 3 single-phase system measurement by ADE9000, ADE9078


Can we measure a 3 phase system and a 3 single-phase by same circuit using ADE9000 or ADE9078? Off course the meassurement points of the 3 phase system and the 3 single-phase system are different. If no, could you please advise me the connection in case of the 3 single-phase?

And, is the fomula of Power factor same as the 3 phase system and the 3 single-phase system?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 14, 2018 2:50 AM over 2 years ago

    Hi, if your circuitry is completely isolated then I think you can, the challenge is is your reference ground in the chip. If you will use it on different single phase, if you use shunts, then you might have problems in your grounding as the chip connects its ground to the Phase Voltage in a single phase configuration.