Cross-talk issue in ADE7912.

I'm using ADE7912 to measure current(using shunt) and voltage to develop a soft energy meter. The meter is working fine but there's this problem of crosstalk in the voltage channel that I'm facing. Details are as follows:

When I supply current through the calibrator, the voltage on the voltage channel increases(as observed on the debugger). And with increasing the value of current, the voltage further shoots up. However the voltage on current channel doesn’t increase or decrease with increasing or decreasing input voltage through the calibrator. I also verified this by checking the voltage at the voltage channel through a multimeter and the mV value increases with switching on the current supply. I'm attaching some pictures to further illustrate the problem. The voltage values displayed below are measured at the voltage channel of the ADC(VM and V1P) at increasing values of the input current and without changing the input voltage value.

.at 240V 0A(no current)  at 240V 5A  at 240V 10A   at 240V 15A

240V input with no current                  240V input with 5A current                               240V input with 10A current       240V input with 15A current

I would really be thankful if you could provide your inputs on this and help me out by suggesting ways to remove this crosstalk issue.