ADE9153 with a 3 Phase System

We had the intension of using ADE9153 Energy metering IC with a 3P + 1N system. During our review we have noticed that, both the application circuit and the eval board connected phase with non isolated side of the board. This connection style will cause a Phase to Phase short circuit to our system. Using a coil instead of using a shunt resistor will eliminate this problem, but it can not be acceptable to us due to our temper proofing requirements. Right now we are considering using separate isolated regulators for 3 ADE9153A’s. This also empozes some challenges associated with cost and also we are also not sure using separate digital isolators with single SPI circuit on the SAFE SIDE will work or not. We are also considering to change the IC but there is no other one with a self calibration function on the market so we are stuck.

We would like receive your opinion using ADE9153 with a 3P + 1N system. What should be the connection style maybe another connection diagram you can offer with common neural line.

Thanks to all