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ADE9078 - calibration (tool) -


I try to understand the the calibration tool [Rev0] because I want to write a programm to calibrate the chip.

I didn't understand the value [formula, row 30] which calculate the energy conversion constant.

If I use the calculated value I always get 0 in row 72/73 [expected active energy].


  • Hi Bastler,

    You can use the technical reference manual of the ADE9000 as your complete calibration guide if you want to understand more about calibration. (Page 51)

    Basically, the Row 30 indicates the conversion of codes into real worlds values as defined by your design, this includes your nominal current and voltage and their percentage to full scale values with respect to the maximum full scale code of power of the ADE9000 (that is why you will see constants and configs sheet 3).

    On your expected active energy, you must fill up the needed entries above especially o Step 1 Step 2 and perform Step 3.

    Hope this helps. Thank you very much for using ADI products.

  • Hello,

    I'm experiencing the exact same situation described by Blaster, no matter what values I enter the lines 72 and 73 (from the ADE9078 calibration tool) never change. It seems to me that there are some errors in the sheet's equations and I can't compare with any documentation since the ADE9078's datasheet doesn't have as much equations a the ADE9000's datasheet/user-guide.

    Can I use the ADE9000's equations for the ADE9078 (just changing some constants as the full-scale codes and the dsp frequency)?

    Is the ADE9000 calibration tool correct enough to replicate the equations for the ADE9078?

  • The ade9000 tool should be the same you need to change the sample rate (fDSP) on the constants and config tab to 4000.

    Save off sheet then modify

    Could you attach the sheet you are using so i can look at it?  and show me the number you are using and teh calculation that is not working

    Thanks Dave

  • ADE9078

    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Please check attached to this post the calibration tool sheet I am using for the ADE9078. The values I'm using are written in the sheet, they are almost near to the full-scale (if I use lower values I see no difference in lines 72 and 73).

    I tried modifying the ADE9000 calibration tool with the ADE9078 constants and so far it has worked! At least in VRMS, IRMS and WATTHR measurements.