ADE9078 - calibration (tool) -


I try to understand the the calibration tool [Rev0] because I want to write a programm to calibrate the chip.

I didn't understand the value [formula, row 30] which calculate the energy conversion constant.

If I use the calculated value I always get 0 in row 72/73 [expected active energy].


  • Hi Bastler,

    You can use the technical reference manual of the ADE9000 as your complete calibration guide if you want to understand more about calibration. (Page 51)

    Basically, the Row 30 indicates the conversion of codes into real worlds values as defined by your design, this includes your nominal current and voltage and their percentage to full scale values with respect to the maximum full scale code of power of the ADE9000 (that is why you will see constants and configs sheet 3).

    On your expected active energy, you must fill up the needed entries above especially o Step 1 Step 2 and perform Step 3.

    Hope this helps. Thank you very much for using ADI products.