ADE9153A Evaluation Board

I bought the EV-ADE9153A Shield and set up a test configuration with an Arduino Uno using the software provided by Analog Devices. I ran some tests with different loads and it works fine except that I keep getting negative Watts and negative power factor values, even with a 100W incandescent lamp as a load.

I am based in Belgium and we have a TT grid, meaning that the neutral is only grounded at the transformer cabin and floating at my place. I tried reversing the L & N connection but it doesn't resolve the issue. Any ideas what could be the cause of this issue?

There is also another issue with the supplied ADE9153AAPI.h that contains following statement at the top :

#define ADE9153A_AI_PGAGAIN 0x000A                             /*Signal on IAN, current channel gain=16x*/

To me it seems that it should be :

#define ADE9153A_AI_PGAGAIN 0x0012


0xA = 1010b so it will set bits 0 & 2 to 0 and bits 1 & 3 to 1 but bit 3 is a reserved bit (read only). Bits 1 & 0 are set to 1 & 0 respectively => gain = 16x

According to the documentation of the device, bit 4 of that register should be set to 1 unless one wants to inverse the polarity.