ADE7763 Wh/LSB errors


We are trying to calibrate and obtain Wh/LSB and VAh/LSB constant for the ADE7763.

We used the LINECYC Mode in order to simplify the job. A reference meter is used to compare with the values obtained from the ADE.

After trying with several amount of time accumulation we came up with a more or less stable constant for Active Energy around 4.53 x10^-5. The same process was followed for Apparent Energy.

All measurements were done with a Power Factor of 1, and for different Load conditions.

The problem is that in normal operation when we apply the constant in order to obtain the Active Power or the Apparent Power there is an error of 20 to 25%.

There is any reason for this behavior?

After that, the procedure was to calibrate in Power at a glance, I mean with a constant Load measure the Power with the reference meter and adjust the constant previously obtained to fit the correct value. This works pretty much accurate when we try with different loads.

Maybe is something we are missing?Thank you very much