ADE7880 vs ADE9000

Dear sir, I am starting a energy metering development project, I wish to know which one to use if I want a higher sampling rate device? what are the other differences between ADE7880 vs ADE9000 as well? many thanks

  • The ADE9000 you have access to 32Ksps data from the sinc4 filter and can be captured in the waveform buffer continuously. The bandwith is -3dB at 7.2 kHz and -6dB at 10 kHz from the sinc.

    Resampled data is available but at a lower rate to give 128 points per cycle, so at 50hz around 6.4Ksps but the buffer can't be read continuously there will be breaks in data.

    All 7 channels are captured simultaneously. normal spi to get data out.

    The ADE7880 only 8ksps samples are available and LPF to a bandwidth 3.3Khz of and there is no buffer. you need to use HSDC port and I2C to get data out. Hsdc is a master spi port micro needs to be a slave to receive data.

    The harmonic engine is available in the ADE7880 but this is 3 harmonics per phase one phase at a time. I take some time to get all harmonics. and they will not be related unless loads are stable.

    These are the general differences.


  • thanks dave for the very useful summarised of its capabilities... I'm probably will involve some signature analysis, However, i noticed no inventories for ADE9000 in some of the distributor like digikey etc... hence, it's really not possible to build up based on ADE9000, is there any other chip that has good waveform capture feature almost similar to ADE9000 besides ADE7880? many thanks for your help.   

  • If you are looking for the metrology the ADE9000 is best. You could use an ADC and do all the metrology calculation yourself.

    I am sure there are other option available for ADC here is one that I usually recommend.

  • hi, after looking thru the various features in ADE7880, i would like to continue using ADE7880, maybe bear with the 8ksps as well. May I know if i could continuously monitor the voltage and current line at 8ksps and push these data to the AI processor to process? Is there limit for the 8ksps duration? Can the 8ksps data collection be done continuously instead of a set time like 25msec, 1sec? 

  • The HSDC port outputs all 7 ADC data every sample. The clock is selectable 8Mhz or 4Mhz 

    This is a master port so your micro will need to be a slave and handle the data streaming in continuously. 

    please see HSDC Interface section of the pg 80. for a description of the HSDC port.