allocating frame buffer

Hi, there

Here is another dumb question.

I want to allocate a chunk of memory block to served as an image buffer. I am using the VOS codes and the image processing is mainly resided in function adi_ProcessCapture(). The image buffer will be used to save a copy of the contents pointed by the pointer gapoFrm[0]->pFramePtr. I added 3 lines of codes right above the creation of the buffer INFRM_BUF_A[] in vos_realtime.h, that is,

#pragma align 32
#pragma section("sdram0_video_buf0")

uint8_t  tmp_buffer[Height * Width *2];

#pragma align 32
#pragma section("sdram0_video_buf0")

and when I stop at the break point inside the function adi_ProcessCapture(), ready to copy the image contents, I can access INFRM_BUF_A[], but not tmp_buffer[] ? The debugger says that tmp_buffer[] is not in the object. Why is that I can access INFRM_BUF_A[], but not tmp_buffer[], with both of them are a in "sdram0_video_buf0" ?

What am I missing ?

Thank you.