BLIP2 standalone setup with wifi


I have recently obtained the BLIP2 kit, and am planning to setup the People Counter demo as a standalone with wifi connection.

I have managed to get the BLIP2 working on the GUI on my laptop.

According to the User Guide, to be able to setup the wifi connection, I will need to purchase the wifi module from Gainspan.

Could someone help me out before I make the purchase:

(1) Am I right to say that after all the wifi module configuration, I can just start the BLIP2 GUI on my laptop as per normal (connected to the same wireless network), and it will just work?

(2) Do I need to sign up to Thingworx cloud service to enable the BLIP2 wifi configuration to work? Because when I click the link in the User Guide [Section Viewing analytics results in Cloud], it prompt me for Username and Password.

Thank you.