How the people counter works?

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  Am working in the evaluation of people counter. I want to know how the people counter works?, which means how the product understand the people and the motion of people to predict the direction to say whether it is a entry or exit. I have one doubt, is all the above functions are done in Image sensor itself or any other algorithms run over the frame get it from the sensor. If it is in sensor itself, then how the datas are get from  the sensor?. I read form the release notes that last line of the frame was in green color, then this line contains the metadata about the entry and exit, and how many peoples are there??. 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 8, 2017 4:58 AM

    Hi Esakki,

    The imaging sensor only captures the input while the People counter algorithm is run on the captured frame on the Blackfin processor and the processed output is sent to the GUI for display.

    The direction can be configured in the PPLCNTR configuration Tab present on the GUI. The parameters are sent to Blackfin at run time.

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  • Hi Sudheer,

     Thanks for your quick reply. I have one more doubt. If I use high resolution camera sensor instead of VGA ASX340 sensor, then the application works?. Which means input is captured by my own camera sensor and using the People counter algorithm, can I make the people counter application?

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