ADZS-BF707-BLIP2 UART Write not working

Hi I am trying to write data to UART port (Mentioned as USB to UART on BLIP2 Board)

BLIP2 Board Rev 2.0 BF707.

CCSE 2.6

Setup is USB cable connected to host with

baudrate,STOPbit, PARTY,WORDlen matching the BLIP2 board config via code.

but i do not see anything on TerraTerm.I tried changing baudrates(increasing and decreasing) also but no use. 

This code I copied from UART code example in CCSE. 

can someone help me please, what am i missing ?

code below and I have attached code  files also.
#if defined (__ADSPARM__)
/* Some variables in this code sketch are set for demonstration purposes
* but not used. These variables are expected to be used in real
* applications.

#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wunused-variable"
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wunused-but-set-variable"

/* UART driver memory */
uint8_t driverMemory[ADI_UART_UNIDIR_DMA_MEMORY_SIZE];

/* UART driver handle */

/* driver API result code */

/* buffer which holds data to transfer over UART */
uint8_t buffer[] = {'Z','Z','\n','\r'};

/* open the UART driver in Tx mode only */
result = adi_uart_Open(1, ADI_UART_DIR_TRANSMIT, driverMemory, ADI_UART_UNIDIR_DMA_MEMORY_SIZE, &hDevice);
CheckResult("Uart Device 1 Open",result);

* Use the driver API's to configure UART
result = adi_uart_SetMode(hDevice,ADI_UART_MODE_UART);
CheckResult("Uart SetMode",result);

/* adi_uart_SetBaudRate();
* adi_uart_SetNumStopBits(;)
* adi_uart_SetWordLen();
* adi_uart_EnableDMAMode();

result = adi_uart_SetBaudRate(hDevice, 115200u);
CheckResult("Uart SetBaudRate",result);

result = adi_uart_SetNumStopBits(hDevice, ADI_UART_ONE_STOPBIT);
CheckResult("Uart SetNumStopBits",result);

result = adi_uart_SetWordLen(hDevice, ADI_UART_WORDLEN_8BITS);
CheckResult("Uart SetWordLen",result);

result = adi_uart_SetParity(hDevice, ADI_UART_NO_PARITY);
CheckResult("Uart SetParity",result);

result = adi_uart_EnableDMAMode(hDevice, true);
CheckResult("Uart EnableDMAMode",result);

/* write data to the UART device using a blocking write */
result = adi_uart_Write(hDevice, buffer, sizeof(buffer));
CheckResult("Uart Write",result);

/* close the UART driver */
// result = adi_uart_Close(hDevice);
//CheckResult("Uart Device Close",result);

return result;