Motion Vector by Analog Device Module


is available a source example for __motionvect function?
It is very useful for my application but after some tests I can't find a mode for a correct use.
This is reported in the header of the file (ASM):

By using this module you agree to the terms of the Analog Devices License

Agreement for DSP Software.


Module Name     : motionvect.asm

Label Name      : __motionvect

Version         :   2.0

Change History  :

                Version     Date          Author        Comments

                2.0            01/09/2007    Arjun                Tested with VDSP++4.5


                1.2         11/18/2002    Swarnalatha   Tested with VDSP++ 3.0

                                                        compiler 6.2.2 on

                                                        ADSP-21535 Rev.0.2

                1.1         11/13/2002    Swarnalatha   Tested with VDSP++3.0

                                                        on ADSP-21535 Rev.0.2

                1.0         07/02/2001    Vijay         Original

Description     : The assembly function does the full search block matching to

                  compute the motion vectors given a target frame and a

                  reference frame. By suitably selecting the target frame and

                  the reference frame, this routine can be used to obtain the

                  motion vectors of a P or a B frame. The target and reference

                  frames have to be of the same size and should be an integer

                  multiple of 16. The input arguments to the function are the

                  target frame address, the reference frame address, the frame

                  size, the search area factor and the start addresses of the

                  motion vectors. The macro block size is fixed to be 16x16. The

                  search area is computed based on the search area factor. It

                  specifies an integer value between 1 and 3. The search range

                  is specified as follows:

Thank you in advance for your trouble.