michael from TeslaGeniX.com requesting info regarding vision sensing technologies from analog devices.


I'm the Director at Silentium Digital Media LTD, I'm looking to branch out into developing new technologies via a new company i'm setting up called TeslaGeniX.com.

I need the help of you guys here at analog devices, who i want to choose as the main component parts supplier of a new type of Vision Sensing system i have innovated using infrasonic sound via lasers. i want to use amlogic simply due to the quality of your logic chips and range of products.

i'm looking to use infrasonic lasers that upon return to a vehicle headlight will reflect through a series array of micro-beads that form a concaved retina similar to a human eye, then forwarding these absolutely perfectly timed & precision measurements into a series of double layered micro-beads connected to the ends of fiber optic receptors; which act as Etalon Sensors forwarding signals to a logic chip array prior to software analysis & 3D image rendering etc.

these micro-beaded fiber optic receptors each have precision measurement capabilities using micro Etalon measurement sensors, the returning laser beams will only refract to their corresponding 'angled' part of the retina and will enter the fiber optic receptors at the precise timing according to the concave 3D curve in the retina, therefore allowing for the splitting of the images reflected back into the headlight in order to limit lagging on the embedded analog devices logic chips.

Because of this system being layered, the plan is to use each segment of the reflected laser image as a higher resolution to improve the quality of the generated image using layering & image recognition/resizing/rendering software not built into the module itself, but connected to a new type of Infrasonic Inductive Fiber Optic CanBus i have also innovated as part of a new automitive communications network here at TeslaGeniX.com.

All of the above and more are currently on Kickstarter.com and are yet to be published via my company profile on Kickstarter which all form several project campigns.

I'd like to make Analog and other companies a big part of my business to business network so that i can make a success of TeslaGeniX.com when all project campaigns gain their funding targets and i can get down to buiness.

You guys are the professional manufacturers of these logic chipsets, im an expert innovator, i want to know if you can reach out using the information above to your product design team so that we can collaborate together on this project so i can open up the gateway to several other very high tech products that would benefit your company?

any questions or responses in this thread are welcome, i'm basically looking for advice and contact from the product design team if at all possible, i'd like to get the ball rolling with this one asap...

There is obviously a lot more technology involved in this system I just hope I've given you enough insight to have some sense of clarity in what it is I intend to do with this technology. 

To recap:

I'm building an infrasonic laser automotive headlight that uses sound and laser light to generate a 3D image which comprises of multiple layers of infrasonic images of different sizes of the same field of view in order to render these images into a single high resolution image. 

The Infrasonic information received will give me data from many perspectives to be analysed such as:

Shape, size, light, sound, radar, lidar, object recognition (in future linked to a search fetch geofensed imaging database), colour, temperature. 

These will all be processed into forming a 3D live video stream via an onboard gpl licenced render engine such as that used by blender. 

A future development will see a windscreen of a vehicle having a special multilayered material placed on it in the same way as a vinyl wrap, this will have perfect transparency but with that clarity comes augmented reality. 

Using augmented reality it will be possible to create a day light view of the 3D environment in front of the vehicle even when driving at night. 

Admitidly this could all be done to a certain extent by just using normal cameras and modules but TeslaGeniX wants to develop this system so that full spectrum analysis can be integrated into the perspective including the full infrared spectrum, Radar/Lidar so that 3D Perspectives can be achieved with absolute tried and tested Etalon sensing measurement precision. 

This system would allow for car headlights to be dimmed further on roads removing the need for the high beam on a TeslaGeniX vehicle's headlight. 

It also has significant benefits for the Military Industrial Complex, which is another reason I need to contact the analog product design team. 

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  • i'm sure that you guys at analog already know how an etalon sensor works but here is the basics:
    How does an Etalon work?
    An etalon is an optical interferometer that consists of two glass plates, separated by a small,flxed distance. A beam oflight undergoes multiple reflections between the surfaces of the glass plates. This results in optical transmission (or reflection) that is periodic in wavelength.
    my plan is to use frequent bursts of infrasonic laser that start small and when reaching their target object in the range of view cover multiple layers of larger areas, when the infrasonic laser bounce back their signals, they will go through the concaved retina where their signals will go through etalon sensors into fiber optics where they will meet the sensors and controller chips that will compress all of the data via software to create a ultra high definition 3D visual map of the entire field of view, using databases teslagenix will then correspond the nighttime database with the daytime databases and will using augmented reality layer the daytime database data onto a display according to geo-location data to ensure that the display the driver sees is in absolute crystal clear daylight clarity which will ensure teslagenix & analog devices has the technology moving forward to ensure that this autonomous vehicle market place is dominate by both companies..