Record and Playback videos

Is it possible to record the videos using my ADIS17001 device and playback the captured videos?What tool should I use ?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 31, 2017 11:07 AM

                Yes.Recording and playback of videos can be done using ADVS200x demo tool.After successful installation

                of SnapsensorLibrary Demonstration suites .You can find the  ADVS200x Demo user guide,

    1.Open Windows start menu

    2. Select Analog Devices

    3. Select SnapSensorLibrary vxx.xx.xx

    4.Select User Guides

    5. click on ADVS200x Demo  

    This document is  also available under C:\Analog Devices\SnapSensorLibrary\ADV200xDemo.


    To Record and playback the videos ,please follow the below simple steps.

    1. Launch ADVS200x Demo UI and connect the device by selecting

       Image Source->Open->ADVS200x  on USB  and select the device as shown below 


    2. By default the operating mode is SmartCam.Make sure the real time image data displayed on PC Tool.

    3. Click on the recording option as shown in below picture and save file in the desired location.

    4. After a while ,click on the same button to stop recording.

    5.To playback the recorded videos,Open ADVS200x Demo GUI (Image Source->Open Video file…)  and 

       select the recorded video file